Top 10 Best Kenneth Cole Watches 2018

World-renowned fashion designer Kenneth Cole made a mark of his own in the clothing and shoe industry in 1982. Since then, his fashion house has been offering catalogs after catalogs of innovative and elegant products. His product lineup kept growing and it branched out to a wide range of accessories …

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Top 10 Best Michael Kors Watches 2018

Best Michael Kors Watches

When it comes to designer watches, Michael Kors is an A-lister. It’s always on the list of the best brands of sophisticated and fashionable timepieces. Whatever lifestyle, whatever outfit, there’s a Michael Kors watch to meet and even exceed the expectations. Even first-time consumers of designer watches won’t have to …

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Top 10 Best GUESS Watches 2018

Best Guess Watches

It was in 1983 that the first lineup of GUESS watches came into existence. The Marciano brothers, led by Georges, perfected their craft and produced iconic clothing and accessory designs. Despite serious challenges and controversies that almost ruined the company in the past, GUESS stood strong and resolved each problem …

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Top 10 Best Seiko Watches for Men 2018

Best Seiko Watches

In this article we’ll be discussing the top 10 best Seiko watches for men, but first let’s talk a bit about the company’s history. Seiko started a revolution with Astron, the world’s first quartz watch, and forever changed the history of watchmaking. That said, a company of this caliber means …

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Top 10 Best Calvin Klein Watches 2018

Best Calvin Klein Watches

When it comes to watches, Calvin Klein is always on the list of the best names in the industry. It is one of the top brands on the market that offer excellent craftsmanship and superb fashion sense. Its name is always attached to high-quality products that provide great value for …

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Top 10 Best Tissot Watches for Men 2018

It is true that mobile phones are handy gadgets to check time, but many men still prefer wristwatches. While watches serve their purpose as precise devices for timekeeping, they also serve as attractive pieces of accessories to match outfits and lifestyles. Men who prefer these timepieces look for dependable, stylish …

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Top 10 Best Daniel Wellington Watches 2018

Looking for an ideal watch can be a pressuring task, especially to a new consumer. The challenge of entering the world of accessories feels heavier than it should in some instances, with some high-quality watches on the market cost hundreds, even thousands. First-time buyers should not feel intimidated in searching …

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Top 10 Best Festina Watches for Men 2018

Best Festina Watches

Affordability sometimes comes at the expense of quality. Many cheap products on the market blind us with the fact that they will ridiculously perform poorly after a short time. Only a few brands offer high-quality products at affordable prices, and Festina is one of them. Festina combines the precision of …

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Top 10 Best Pulsar Watches 2018

Best Pulsar Watches

Pulsar timepieces are made for people who aim for the best watches, but who don’t require to be one of the crowd. Pulsar is known for not embracing mass-produced designs that lack distinguishable characteristics. Instead, the company always creates innovative designs and features. The stop-motion seconds hand is the company’s …

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Top 10 Best Tissot Watches for Women 2018

Best Tissot Watches for Women

Today’s women invest in watches not only for keeping time but also to elevate their look. Fashionable watches have become a hot trend, and many watchmakers compete in offering the best in style and functionality. Tissot watches are no pushovers. Aside from making precise timepieces, the company produces trendy and …

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