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Best Michael Kors Watches of 2016

When the Michael Kors’ empire was formed in the year 1981, one could never have imagined that one day it could be one of the most sought-after watch brands in the world. Initially it was a label that mainly specialized on casual luxurious American sportswear but it later diversified into …

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Best GUESS Watches of 2016

Good quality watches help ensure you are not late for important appointments and also add up to your overall fashion flair. If you desire a top men and women watch brand, then Guess will surely impress you with its trendy line-up of modern-generation watches. You get to choose from its …

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Michael Kors MK5556 Ladies Gold Plated Chronograph Watch Review

When it comes to fashion, there are many ways to make a lasting fashion statement. Some may be obsessed with fashionable attire while others may be into makeup and hairstyling. Watches have remained relevant in the fashion industry for decades; they not only serve as useful time management instruments but they …

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Michael Kors Women’s MK5633 Parker Tan Watch Review

It is always intriguing to know the story behind a brand. In the world of luxury, sports, and casual watches, many of us know of the Michael Kors’ brand since it has become a household name. It is a watch brand that has built a solid reputation in the world …

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